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    Tahira said:

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    Hi everybody,

    I am searching a greek-hebrew song; I have found it once while surfing on youtube and I wrote down the artist name, but I have lost that paper.

    It was a very catchy song with typical greek tunes. I guess it was Notis Sfakianakis and ...?.... Avraham... but I am not really sure.

    Maybe someone can tell me the name of the artist or the link for youtube; I really want to listen to it again.

    Thanks in advance, Tahira
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    panselinos said:


    This one perhaps?

    It's not Sfakianakis though.
  3. Tahira's Avatar

    Tahira said:


    YES YES YES it Is - oh what a lovely song!
    Thank you very much - I´ll go hunting for the CD.

    By the way do you have the lyrics? I understand the greek part but not the hebrew part; so I could ask our other members for the hebrew translation.

    Thanks so far