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    Default I hate the way I feel - I need help!

    Ok..I have read the other "i need to know the last song from the hills episode 16" (which is the latest one as of now) But that isn't the song I am looking for.. I need the very very last song..and it just repeats

    I hate the way I feel
    Give me something true

    something like lying in this bed thinking only of you.. or something just like that..

    i cant find it at all..and plus i looked at this and the other songs people said weren't it! ( please help me

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    I was wondering why everyone says a different song. It's because the last song on the version that they showed on tv is different. The one you are talking about was only in the online version.


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    Default Please help

    did anyone ever find out who sings that song at the end of season 3 ep 16 called A Night At the Opera.....when Adrina and Justin say goodbye. it goes something like

    and i hate the way i feel, give me something true....and i've been lying in my bed thinking just of you???

    Please anyone????

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