I came across this site as I am trying to find those rare music videos on Youtube. Basically I heard this song from a commercial in Asia through the net. Not sure where exactly but I can describe the commercial.
Basically two young Asian girls are sitting near the computer desk just doing teenage stuff. Then either computer/cell phone starts playing the song and the girls right away face the camera to lip sing. They do their thing then right away one girl picks up her cell phone and the girls just go back to what they where doing as though they weren't lip singing all Pro. I think its a cell phone commercial showing how the ringer can be changed into any song.
This is when Youtube was not owned by Google where I was able to find it. All my searches lead me to Korean Karaoke singers.

If someone knows the commercial or the song I can finally figure out what the repetitiveness of male singer is. Its a pop song, kinda mellow, he does a repetive phrase which I don't know.

I hope this is not a lost cause, but still this is awesome forum. If someone has like a site with big hit Asian songs I can look around maybe I can find it since I have nothing on the song.