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    Default Two famous house tracks

    I need to identify this two tracks:


    Please help me!


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    idk, the first one reminds me of something clint mansell would do
    and the second one might be this, but i'm not sure
    DJ Chus presents The Groove Foundation "That Feeling" (Defected)
    The record comes from one of the big guests of the Baltic's - spanish and internationally known DJ Chus. The original version of the track is tipical for instrumental jazzy-house records, but it definitely work well on the dancefloors. It have fantastic spoken refren "we gotta return that feeling". Doublepack contains 4 mixes, that are suitable for very different gigs.

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    Second track is from DJ Chus, you're right but the first is not from Clint Mansell :-(.
    Any other ideas?

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