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    Maviii said:

    Default looking for a job

    Hi i am looking for a small job if any one can help me
    i can translate from arabic to english- english to arabic )
    i`m a Graphic design student & need some help to continue my study by myself
    so it might be good if i can find job in the internet coz i am always working
    & study in my pc
    if any one interests send me an email
    thank you
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    mister Xazos said:


    You have some diplomas to proove your abilities ?
    I'm asking you because I saw today some announces in my city and they work via internet.
    Πάρε φιλιά, πάρε καρδιά και μη νοιαστείς για μένα.
    Πάρε ό,τι ζει κι άσε με εκεί
    μόνο στο τίποτα...
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    rafaelaroman221 said:

    Default Hi.

    If you really need to have a job, try to look in Australian Employment site, maybe you can see some of companies that looking for a new employee. Good Luck!
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