Does the music you listen to reflect the music you make??

Thread: Does the music you listen to reflect the music you make??

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  1. Sinners And Saints said:

    Default Does the music you listen to reflect the music you make??

    k, so lately I've been rocking out to such metal bands As I Killed the Prom Queen, The Red Shore, all that remains, it dies today, bullet for my valentine, bleeding through and so on and so forth, the funny thing is that i don't really dig playing this genre of music. I have a woody for metal, but I'd rather play a ballad on my acoustic b4 ripping a face melting riff on my battle axe, even more of a stranger thing is that I openly criticize acoustic oriented music, yet thats more or less the only music i enjoy to play,....sooo..does the music you dig reflect in the music you create?
  2. Luke of Metal said:


    I listen to everything from Eagles to Slayer.

    Listening to Eagles gave me the skills to develop dynamics and listening to metal gave me power, stamina and speed control.
  3. flickfan82x said:


    i think so.
  4. Luke of Metal said:


    Any chance you could actually contribute and not just SPAM?
  5. sealionwoman's Avatar

    sealionwoman said:


    i know this is an old thread but the topic is really good.

    i listen to all sorts of music but i don't necessarily sound like the music i listen to because i'm intentionally trying to sound like something that has already been done.

    however, i think all the music i listen to definitely influences me lyrically and musically on a subconscious level perhaps?
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    Ultimate_Worrier said:


    When I play my music, I try to have my own sound and style but play similar to my rock/metal influences - this is because I adore what they play, it's in tirbute to them.
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    smbdy said:


    sometimes if u really like a song you just catch your style like a desease

    or at least i do

    and most the time yes i do like to play what i listen 2