Good, pop spanish songs!!!

Thread: Good, pop spanish songs!!!

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  1. Anthi's Avatar

    Anthi said:

    Exclamation Good, pop spanish songs!!!

    Can you tell me some nice spanish songs especially pop or ballands? Please tell me!!!!!! I'm waiting...
  2. Samsal21 said:


    Hi Anthi

    My favourite Spanish singer is Alejandro Sanz - he has lots of amazing pop songs like Amiga Mia, Corazon Partio, Quisiera Ser. He does two songs with Shakira which are amazing called La Tortura and Te Lo Agradezco Pero No and my favourite ballad of his is called Lo Ves. I have a website dedicated to him at where you can see translations of his songs and get links to his vids. Check it out - I hope you like it and enjoy the music!

  3. xiurell's Avatar

    xiurell said:


    Γεια σου Anthi these are some ones I recommend you

    Fito : Por la boca vive el pez.
    Fito : Acabo de llegar.
    Melendi: La calle de la pantomima.
    Conchita: 3 segundos.
    Nena Daconte: en que estrella estará.
    Bebe: Malo
    Bebe. siempre me quedará
    Jarabe de Palo: Bonito
    Jarabe de Palo: Depende
    Miguel Bosé: Como un lobo

    And so many others
  4. alexscc10 said:


    Here are some of the best songs in y opinion...and they are very romantic.

    Reik-"Cuando Estas Conmigo"
    Reik-"Me Duele Amarte"
    Luis Fonsi-"Si Tu Quisieras"
    Luis Fonsi-"No Te Cambio Por Ninguna"
    Camila-"Solo Para Ti"
    Camila-"El Amor Comienza"
    Camila-"Todo Cambio"
    Camila-"Sin Tu Amor"
    Kalimba-"Solo Dejate Amar"
    Sin Bandera-"Que Lloro"
    Sin Bandera-"Mientes Tan Bien"
    Sin Bandera-"Kilometros"
    Sin Bandera-"Entra En Mi Vida"
    Sin Bandera-"Y Llegaste Tu"
    Luis Miguel-"O Tu O Ninguna"

    I have a lot more =)
  5. Anthi's Avatar

    Anthi said:


    Thanks a lot!!! If you know any other which is good, let me know!
  6. $perrz said:


    Dime :- Rakim y ken-y
  7. yusra said:

    Cool pop spanish songs

    hi there,

    i recommend all Jennifer lopez songs in spanish, check out (me haces falta and Adios ) they rock !!
  8. Música101's Avatar

    Música101 said:


    Shakira: la tortura.
    La oreja de van gough: muñeca de trapo.
    La oreja de van gough: Dulce locura.
    Belinda: Ni Freud Ni Tu Mama.
    Belinda: Bella Traicion.
    Belinda: Angel .
    Belinda : Boba Nìna Nice .
    Fey: Aqui estoy
    Paulina Rubio :Ni Una Sola Palabra
  9. Pemberley's Avatar

    Pemberley said:


    Chambao: Ahi estas tu
    Chambao: Pokito a poko
    Chambao: camino interior, rosa maria, playas de berbate...
    El Barrio - quiereme
    Malu - si estoy loca
    Melendi y la hungara - por eso te canto
    omg there are a lot of good spanish songs!
  10. Rianna83 said:


    Chambao and Jarabe de Palo: Déjame vivir, it's a lovely song!!!

    If you want to know more about Spanish music (not latin, because i don't know it), you can post me.