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  1. A-74 said:

    Post Bulgarian Song Lyrics


    I am trying to learn Bulgarian language ,
    and I'd appreciate it so much if someone would suggest me a good Bulgarian song , sang by a male singer, with good lyrics of course . . .

    I think this way learning language will be fun too !

  2. veronika_pooh's Avatar

    veronika_pooh said:


    Well I can recomend U Grafa-any song U find of him I belive U'll like...of couse I have no idea what kind of music U like,he's just my favouriteOthers r Slavi Trifonov,Konstantin...we'll if something else comes to my mind I'll let U know,but we don't have many male singers...
    !!!Ζήσε κάθε σου στιγμή η ζωή φεύγει με χίλια!!!