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    Default Hello from Nashville Tn

    Hello everyone. I am a singer songwriter from Nashville tn and its so funny how I found your site! I was doing a google of my name and it brought up this site and a post where someone was looking for the lyrics to a song and it was suggested maybe it was a Tammy Cassidy song lol

    WEll here I am. I and country thru to the bones.

    checkout my music at:

    If your in Nashville this week for CRS Please stop by my show this THURSDAY March 6th at "THE WHEEL" 421 Broadway Nashville Tn 6-10

    I'malso hosting the 2008 Tunesmith Event at the embassy Suites Hotel in Nashville apr 3-5th

    Please stay in touch!
    Tammy Cassidy

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    Hello and welcome from me
    I believe in Karma, what you give is what you get returned

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