Who sings this bulgarian-turkish song

Thread: Who sings this bulgarian-turkish song

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  1. Nidza Shumadinac said:

    Default Who sings this bulgarian-turkish song

    J really need somebody to tell me how this song is called and who sing it.J heard that song a few times last summer in Bulgaria(in Pomorie),and J was amazed how song is good.The bulgarian part of the song sings some woman and it goes something like:''naidobria,...(some word) si naidobria,niama spor,niama spor...'',and turkish part goes something like:''leili,leili,la la la la la leili,ja jubes''' Help me!
  2. Pemberley's Avatar

    Pemberley said:


    It's Bulgarian-Romanian song, sung by Pepa & Costi - Nai Dobria
  3. Nidza Shumadinac said:


    Thank you,Pemberley.But can somebody tell me where to find that song on Internet(for free).
  4. lucia9 said:


    you can download it in ares for example...or see it in youtube, it's all free!
    take care!
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