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    Question What is the name of this 2001/2002 odd song, that sounds like Will To Power?:

    What is the name of this 2000-2002 odd song, that sounds like Will To Power? This song reminds of the song "Say It's Gonna Rain" done by Will To Power done in 1988. This 2000-2002 singer sounds like the girls singing like Will To Power. This song did not get played that much on the radio. I was hoping to tape this song off the radio, but it did not get played all that much on the radio for me to get a chance to tape this song. Plus the DJ's on the radio would not announce this singer or its song. This 2000-2002 odd song, sounds like a rhythm & blues freestyle song. Why is freestyle music not so popular, like it use to be?

    There was also this rap song done in 2000/2001 that had the sample of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by the Tokens in the mix. This rap song was called "You All Dat" done by the Baha Men. This rap song done by the Baha Men, also got quit being played on the radio on that same year. The Baha Men's number one song was "Who Let The Dogs Out?" The Baha Men's number two song could of been "(Who Let The Lions Out That Sleep Tonight) You All Dat?")
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