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    Smile Diana Haddad - Laguitik [*]

    Guys, who can write lyrics with arabic fonts please

    Thanks, u are the best

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    Now this is an old classical song by Issam Rajji and it has been covered many times but diana is my favourite

    I am pretty sure its word for word.
    But i am not sure if she is changed to he.

    but here is a paste of the other translation put a little adjustments

    Lagaytek wel dinye leil
    when I found you the world was dark

    2eltili makhtoube
    You told me you were engaged

    Ya laili eli ma ba3do lail
    Oh my night there have been no nights after

    Ya na3ess beh doubi
    Oh restlessness melt in her

    Ya derbaki w ya kharsak
    Oh your chaos and your silence

    Rinnee b jrassek rinnee
    Ring with your bells ring

    Dawabouni 3ayouna el soud
    She melted me with her dark eyes

    Lamouni bel tamanee
    They blame me for the cost

    Ya betdawi ya khelkhal
    Oh cure me with your ankle bracelet

    Raneen el fatani
    The tune of wisdom

    Wallah la 3asheer el nom
    I swear I will disallow sleep

    W asra7 m3 el get3ani
    And stay up with the isolation

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