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    Default Posting rules for Italian translation section

    I believe that everybody here wants the forum to work well, so I will ask you to do few things before you start a new thread.

    1) First of all you have to check this list to see if the song that you want is already translated.
    2) I've seen that many of you just paste the lyrics of the song. This makes our work really difficult cause some of us aren't native italians and they don't know all the italian songs. So I'm asking you to post the name of the singer and the name of the song in Thread title. This will help us a lot.

    Thank you for your understanding and have a nice stay in the italian forum!
    Άνθρωποι τύχης είδωλον επλάσαντο, πρόφασιν ιδίης αβουλίης.


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