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  1. kim machin said:

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    I`m a newbee so hope someone out there can help me.
    I want to create puppet videos on you tube using assorted popular songs etc.
    The puppets, props and images I will be using are created by myself. I know I need a license to probably do the above but cant seem to find any help out there as to which license and how much it will cost.
    I any not doing this for a living or for money just for fun, there seem to be a lot of folk doing this , but I would like to do it properly.
    Hope someone can help on this
    thanks Kim
  2. Jester's Avatar

    Jester said:


    If you're doing it for a giggle on youtube, just do it.
    I'll bet the majority of people who use music on thei videos don't have artis licences so why should you.

    The only way you'll need a license is if you're mass producing the movie for use in schools or whatever or if you're a DJ on the radio then the station needs a license.
  3. kim machin said:

    Default thanks for your help

    thanks Jester for your reply, I have finally up loaded to you tube, used a baking track from a very faint kareoke and did a narration over it.
    I still dare not to risk the lip sync for fear of a violation, even thou as you say loads of people do it. Am still looking for a way to get around this problem. I have recently purchased royalty music with a licence to use as backing to what I do, just trying to put words to it