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    Tania ATL said:

    Question Copyright question

    Well, I'd like to know your opinion upon such question: is this right to post lyrics, guitar tabs, sheets & other parts of music on the net? As you perhaps know, the legal point of view simple says that it is copyright infrindgement. But personally to me it seems that this way sticks to the letter of the law, and what do you think is right according to the spirit of the law? Does posting of the lyrics infrindges the artist who owns it, or does it vice versa popularizing him (not mentioning the use for fans who'd like to know the lyrics)?
  2. hLpmuse said:


    This FORUM might create some "rights"...might NOT....
    But I would say that in High School we were told to always LIST your Sources.....
    Just showing the CREDITS might NOT offer you an escape if you abuse some artist.....
    I would offer to keep the artist in mind...and don't Change his/her work...and don't attempt to re-create the artists work for profit....
    I make my own music DVD's....of course I don't write my own soundtracks(that's not possible)...but always create a CREDITS-scroll page for the sound I don't sell my DVD's....or create Public Forums for them....mostly Family Photography..or my Hometown Scenery(put to music)...Still Photo Slide Shows or Digital Video...I don't think the artist would object and that's why I continue to make DVD's...but have found some Soundtracks to contain strict wording on the use other than the "earshot"....Be Careful.
  3. 2oldskl2Bhere said:

    Arrow if you were at my house,

    ..and we started playing some music, and you wanted to look at the CD & liner notes, and the lyrics were there, and I ran up & copied them, and you took them home, 'cause you want to make a poster of them for your betroom,
    you love them so-o-o-o much, you want to see them first thing in the morn'....

    ...this would be just like posting lyrics on the 'net, now wouldn't it?

    ...'cause now your friend pops in and sez "hey that is Kool, can I get a copy..."
    and then, everyone on the block wants that same poster....

    I believe ARTISTS should get paid for their work....but this lyric thing is outta control....ya' see the song is playing on the radio, so I write down the lyrics (have been doing this for years), and you have a problem, what the heck s/he saying? so I know, so I say here, I have the words....but the ARTIST wants to make his writen lyrics only available to people who will buy a book of his lyrics?

    Gee, any good musician, can copy the song, by listening and practice, it's just easier with the sheet music, (not a musician, but I'd find it easier to learn to play by 'ear' than by reading...)

    too windy here, huh?
  4. 2oldskl2Bhere said:

    Cool so, you're at my house...

    ..and I grab the CD or LP cover from you saying "hey, you can't read that, you wanna read it buy it yourself, the artist has to eat, ya know, it's copyright, infrigement, if I let you copy those lyrics...."

    or, I could say, "sure, but, I'll sell the lyrics to ya, hahaha, seriously, I'm kinda strapped, will ya gimmie some cash..."

    or you could say "hey, I put a lotta work into that poster, I'll make you a copy, but ya gotta pay me for it..."

    On the 'Net, of course, it's a free-for-all, so these scenario's are noticed.

    I'll pick on Madonna, she doesn't allow Lyric sites to post her lyrics. Why? Anyone can hear her lyrics all over the radio or by purchasing her stuff. Now, if I were to compile a bunch of her lyrics, put them in a book and sell it, I think that would be infringing on her copyright status. If I post her lyrics on my site, for all to see, than say, will you buy your Madonna CD's, (books, etc) from me....I can not see anything wrong with that.
  5. 2oldskl2Bhere said:

    Cool last word...

    (for now, N-Eway)

    'my mama had some good advice, so thought I'd put it in the words of this song' are words I wanted to use for a scroll bar on one of my I started a get Jerry Butler's permission to use them....60 zillion hours later....

    I locate a place where I can contact him, but is it proper, to write to a politian at his job?

    I think if I were to say I wrote that above lyric, I would be breaking a law and I think that's what the law is really about.
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    aon4life said:


    im wondering if u post ur own lyrics u wrote do the lyrics u post become ur copyrighted property legally or can someone just take it and say its theirs?
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