Okay, I'm almost done (Still waiting on my Icelandic Lyrics and the rest of the Hebrew ones (see threads "Sošin Fišla & Kolrassa Krókrķšandi" and "Rita & Ivri Lider") but anyways, I need the Traditional Chinese lyrics for these songs for Yang Yi:

Hui Lai Wo de Ai (Come back my love)

Ni Dao Di Ai Shui

These by Xiang Xiang:

Zhu Zhi Ge

Mao Mao

Yin Xiang

Lao Shu Ai Da Mi (Mouse loves Rice)

Xia Chong (Summer Insects

And these by Yang Chen Gang:

Xun Zhao Ma Yi La

Shi Quan Qi Mei

Wu Fa Wang Ji Ni

Sorry I don't have any of the tones or all of the translations with the Pinyin, but I think this should help.

Also, with Zhu Zhi Ge, there are a lot of incorrect lyrics out there, but there is a singalong music video with the lyrics (it's just with a western keyboard and no background in Chinese it's a real pain to search for the radical, and then the character)