1) Thread titles should contain song and artist name.
Artist Song name or names
(for example, thread title could look like this: Tina Karol - Nochenka

2) If you want the translation of a whole album for a specific singer use this
format as the title:
Artist Title of Album

3) The request for a song translation by different Artist is not allowed in an already existent thread.

Please follow these rules, to improve navigating and ease moderating in this forum. Thank you.

The Slavic forum is divided into sections:

Bulgarian / Macedonian
Czech / Slovak / Slovene
Russian / Belarusian / Ukrainian
Serbian / Croatian / Bosnian

Each of them has main part (for lyrics translations) and sub-forums for:
Learning & Misc. translations (everything about the languages and all translation requests that are not related to lyrics)
Chit-chat Off topic discussions (everything else)

Please make sure to open your topics in appropriate sections!