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    Default Mowtown-ish Black female invites with the line "[follow] [my] bible"

    I heard it in the mid nineties but it was from a black females sing album, possibly a compilation, possibly al the same band, possibly mowtown from I don't know any time from the 1950s to 1970s. I heard it in Japan and only fairly major releases generally make it to Japan.

    It was a cheerful song with a female singer (with backing vocals and back acoustic band) who was sort a guy to be her man but saying in the chorus that he should follow the bible (the phrase may well have been "my bible" "here in my bible")

    It was a very cheerful song, and quite sexy in a Diana Ross sort of way, and NOT gospel. The only Christian part about it was that one phrase.

    It could have been early Diana Ross and the Supremes.

    In theme and ebulience (but NOT sound - it was not reggae, and had a much simpler sound) it was a little bit like the UB40 song "here I am, come and get me"
    except that the singer was female, and placing the condition that the man she was inviting, should follow the/"my" bible.

    I have tried googling "my bible" but none of the songs I found were appropriate. I doubt that "my bible" is in the title. I'd guess it would be something like "come and get me baby" or "if you want to be my man." but I cam guessing just from the theme.
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    The lyrics were not these below, but the *general gist* of the chorus was something like this.

    Come on babeey,
    I know you want me
    And I'll believe you
    Just follow my bible

    (but of course in the original it scanned and probably rhymed)

    A black lady sings very cheerfully with backing vocals and acoustic backing. Probably 1960's at a guess.

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