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    Default Najwa Karam- Ya Ya Medawbny & Kif bdawek [added]

    i know i have been requesting soo many and i thank you guys for the help because every little bit helps me learn this dialect better and i am learning so much and i am picking it up very well since i only know iraqi but i dont have the lyrics to provide but if anyone does and can translate please! thank you so much! no rush or hurry! shokran!
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    ok i'll do the second one i learn it by heart

    كيف بدوايك وانا بدي مين يداويني
    how can i treat while i need who treats me
    لا الطب العربي تعلمته ولا الطب الصيني
    i didn't learn the arabic medecine nor the chinese one
    كيف بدي اكون لجروحك دوا وطبيب وانا ياللي فيني مكفيني
    how can i be the cure and the doktor to your sorrows while what's in me is enough
    اللي بكاك بكاني
    what made you cry made me cry
    واللي قساك قساني
    what made you cruel made me cruel
    مين دلك مين على عنواني
    who gave you my adress?
    جاي من الحب تشكي لي
    so that you come to complain from love
    وانا بدي مين ابكي له ياريت تشوف حدا ثاني
    while i need someone to cry to ,i wish you can see someone else
    دخلك لا تعن قدامي
    please don't peg in front of me
    تركني راح اجن بغرامي
    leave me i'm going crazy with my love
    لاتنامي عيني لاتنامي
    oh my eyes don't cry
    اللي بدك منه شويه انا بدي منه ميه بيكفي تزيد بآلامي
    the one you want a little ,i want him so much, so don't increase my sorrow

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