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    Question Yiannis Parios song

    Can someone please help me find an old Parios song !

    I had it on a cassette tape, which has now broken and I've no idea of the title. Its an early, very lively, Parios song and the first line is:

    Χτύπησε το χέρι στο τράπεζι ....

    I can't remember any more except the word ' αγάπησα' is mentioned quite alot

    Another line is:

    Δως μου το σακκάκι μου να φύγω..

    I have looked through all the album titles and can't find anything to help me. I love the song and would be so grateful if someone could help me find it !!
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    Thankyou so much, you are a superstar !!!

    I, too, was exasperated !!!
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    Unhappy Αγανάκτησα - ακόμα

    Ι have looked at all the songs on all the albums and can't find this song anywhere !

    Does anyone have any idea where I can find it, I know its an old song but the voice of Yiannis Parios is so amazing on this track that I can't believe I can't find it anywhere !!!

    Please help !!