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    velvet_sky said:


    Lyssa I made a new topic with the song, so that it will be easier to be added later on "all translated song" thread.
    Here is the link :
    Tose Proeski - The Hardest Thing -->
    * Agapi mou gurna pisw, Mou Leipeis... :[
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    Lyssa said:


    Thanks for your try^^

    I would like to know the translations of nearly every song I hear xD
    So that I decided to try learning some bulgarian, I'm so happy when I understand something on my own lol
  3. jo6i_bg said:


    im glad that i could help
  4. jo6i_bg said:


    i can teach you some words: zdravei=hi,kakvo pravish=what are ya doing, kak si=how are you,liubov=love,shtastie=luck,luja=lie,ochi-eyes if you want more words ask =]