Please identify this song (sample clip inside) :)

Thread: Please identify this song (sample clip inside) :)

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  1. lollipop's Avatar

    lollipop said:

    Default Please identify this song (sample clip inside) :)

    Little help please.

    We got a small "problem" in Identify It - section: one member is asking for a song, and I thought, it would give better chance, if it is asked here in Slavic section...

    Can anybody say, what is this song:

    or, write lyrics from that short sample.

    Thank you!
  2. velvet_sky's Avatar

    velvet_sky said:


    hmm it sound very familiar to me, but I think I've heard it in english
    and sorry but I can't help... but if you find out what is the song I would like to know, because it sound nice
    Tose Proeski - The Hardest Thing -->
    * Agapi mou gurna pisw, Mou Leipeis... :[
  3. MNE07's Avatar

    MNE07 said:


    wow.... i listened to that song... its amazing!!
    but i never heard for it....

    someone please tell us?? what song is this???
    i would love to download it!! ))
  4. Maverick796 said:


    here's a link to another version with the same lyrics.

    Could someone please tell us if this is even a slavic language?
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  5. Maverick796 said:


    Great news! I found it! The original song is "Sumputastic - Teraz Juz Wiesz". It's actually a Polish pop song. The original version is not techno but there are many remixes out there. Here is a link to one version I really like.
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    lollipop said:


    Good mornin' , Slavic section

    Thanks for update, Maverick.

    I'll close the topic here, as it is actually double thread. I'll leave the original thread in "Identify It" open.

    Thank you all others too, who took interest in this. Have a nice day.