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  1. deleter said:

    Smile RQ: Mitropanos - Alimono (Chords or Tabs)

    Hi , guys - I'm new ... but I've already checked out all the pages and I didn't find the chords or tabs of this song ... I've got the lyrics translated in english ->

    Two = Dyo
    Two nights = Dyo nixtes
    We met = Antamosame
    On top of my tears = Pano sta dakria mou
    The night that = Tin nixta pou
    I met you = Se Gnorisa
    The night that we break up = Ti nixta pou Xorizoume
    And my dreams are crying = Kai Klain ta onira mou
    They'll drown my heart = Tha pniksoun tin kardia mou

    Without your love, I'd be alone = Xoris tin Agapi sou,Tha eimouna monos
    The bitterness would drown me, the tear, the pain = H pikra tha m'epnige to dakri o ponos

    You led me to earth(hollowed land), to hope,I saw the meaning of the world inside your eyes = esy me odigises stin Gy stin Elpida tou kosmou to noima sta matia sou eida
    Woe betide those who haven't loved = Alimono sautous pou den agapisan
    Woe betide those who haven't shed a tear = Alimono sautous pou den dakrisane

    Life,they haven't met your beauty = Zoh tin omorfia sou den Gnorisane Zoh tin omorfia sou den gnorisane

    The night is spreading everywhere in to = H Nixta aplonete pantou
    it's the Sky's song = Tragoudi tou Ouranou
    Deep, very deep night inside my soul = Nixta bathia poly bathia me stin psixy mou
    Desolation has covered me = me skepase i erimia
    A sorrow and a freezing cold = mia thlipsi kai mia pagonia
    Why should you leave out of my life all of the sudden = giati na figis ksafnika ap tin Zoh mou
    I want to write to you today = Thelo apopse na sou grapso ma

    But I'm afraid I'll cry = ma Fobamai mipos klapso
    I'm weary(изтощен съм,писнало ми е) of the tears and the gulps = Me kourasane ta dakria kai i ligmi
    I'm shutting down my windows = ta parathiramou klino
    I'll stay alone again = pali monos mou tha mino
    The sighs are going to drown me again tonight = tha me pniksoun pali apopse i stenagmi

    If u have some time u can check them ,if there r correct ...
    This song is one of my favourite Mitropanos' songs . If anyone could give the guitar or bouzuki chords/tabs I'll be reaally grateful

    link for the song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIASIEI2BSg

    p.s.: Greets from Bulgaria
  2. leader said:


    Hi my friend! I just wanted to correct 3 mistakes. 1.The right translation is "two nights were met on top of my fears", because in greek it is "Duo nuxtes antamosane". I saw the same mistake in another site and I wanted to make it clear, because the meaning is completely different. 2.it says "H nuxta aplwthike pantou", which means "the night spread(past time) everywhere" and 3. the lyric "thelo apopse na sou grapso" means "I want to write to you tonight".
  3. snakes4cc said:


    mia xara mages. kali douleia kanate.