As you can see I made quite a lot changes in the General Discussion board, lots of old threads have been deleted, others have been merged together.

To bring some of the most important topics to your attention, let me introduce them to you:

Since there were several threads about holidays and birthdays I merged them together to Birthday & random holiday wishes, a place for you to express your best wishes to other members in case of birthday and all kind of celebrations (e.g. Christmas, New Year’s Eve). There’s a separate thread for Farewell Greetings in case you go on vacation and want the others to know.

Expressing Gratitude already gives away its purpose in the title. You want to say “Thank you” to someone? This is your thread for it!

There’s a place for Funny (sometimes true) stories where you can share you funny stories and anecdotes. (I did not invent that one, but it’s a good idea! )

For discussions on movies you can use this thread, Turkish serials and Indian film industry have separate places.

As there have been several queries about things concerning the English language I merged them to Help with English language.

And also notice the ATL Chit Chat Caffe just started by Adrienne, I hope this will be a good way to avoid new topics for small matters.