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  1. MaresLejanos said:

    Default Learning Lanuages - Useful Links

    Hey every one... I though to post a topic where we can post and found to useful links for learn word or sintax or anything from other languages.

    For example:
    This is my most used link, i used it more for english than other thing, but i know it has many languages. You can look for a word, and it will give you all meaning and example sentences. Also, it has british and american pronuntiation of each work. And it has acronyms as well, and that is so useful, specially for chat (example: dunno->i don't know, cu -> see you, etc).

    This is one of the most completed irregular verbs table of english i found till now:

    And the best reference of my language is "Real Academia Española", they say how to use the language, they accept or not slang words of spanish. And for each verbs it has a completed table of conjugation.
    So who are learnign spanish, it could be useful.

    Okey... If somebody know more pages like this, that could be nice for others, just post it. Thank you to all
  2. AngelSalvaje said:

    Default Learn Spanish, English, Rortuguese and Romanian for free and on-line

    If you want to learn Spanish, Portuguese, English or Romanian, for free and on-line, you can visit www.linguasnet.com. Thank you!
  3. MaresLejanos said:


    Thank you very much to post here . I 'll visit the site as soon as I will be able to (I'm working right now )

    Thanks a lot
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    Losha said:



    I hope the web site will help who wants to learn Serbian.
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    Lunita said:
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    tim2286 said:


    very good links, one suggestions when posting a link include the language for that link. The moderators then could categorize the links by language
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    El raisa said:


    Good idea
    This is for French:
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    algebra said:


    I also thank you all for the links. Here my cents:
    No place is better to get good books in over than 100 languages than this link below, I always go there to get precious files. It's necessary to register in order to see the links and also some knowledge on Rapdishare, depositfiles and other commom servers. Many books are in a format Dejavu ".djvu". Enjoy it

    I also like "The WordReference Dictionaries", a free web dictionary/forum in

    Español | Français | Italiano | Deutsch | Português | Русский | Polski | Română | Čeština | Ελληνικά| Türkçe
    英汉词典 | 英和辞書 | 영-한 사전 | قاموس إنجليزي - عربي

    I never saw a place to have a dictionary in Romanian, Turkish, Polish and Arabic, and this marvelous place has it. The best here is that many idioms and phrases are included in the discussions in the forum and translations get easy many times.


    This next one I like so much and use it whenever I am doubtfull about conjugating verbs in some romance language, but there are much others languages that support latin script. Amazing

    This one I also love and always visit. You just type the word in russian (in Cyrilic) and they will give you a complete list of declination, plurals, conjugation, participle forms, translation to english, etc related to this word. All depends on what kind of word you input, verb, noum, adjective,... I'm always upset on leaning russian declinations and always use it as help.

    Somewhat related, this conversor cyrillic/greek/georgian <--> latin alphabets for beginners in russian/greek/geogian (I never saw someone that knows georgian around here )

    I also like this one in order to get synomyms in English. It's quite useful and shows the very definition of a word and the several features and senses it can have in English.

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    Berna said:

    Default Turkish

    Hola Mares how useful topic you've opened, thanks

    The most complicated and difficult part of learning Turkish is about the suffixes

    Here's some websites for Turkish suffixes:



    and here's alphabetic list of suffixes, offfff scary


    And for Turkish-English dictionary



    Turkish Proverbs

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    Steena said:


    I just stumbled over Linguanaut, a page to learn foreign languages, or at least some basics. It has information on English, Chinese, Farsi, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish and Portuguese, plus phrases from several other languages and virtual keyboards for some.

    होता है जो होना है ... वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है ...
    कौन कहता है आदमी अपनी किस्मत खुद लिखता है?
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    xiurell said:
  13. MaresLejanos said:


    Thank you so much, to all of you for posting here

    Here is a site with some Spanish lessons:

    Here is a pdf of RAE (Real Academia Española), but it's all in Spanish, so it's for avanced student, and even for natives ones

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    Helloooooo, everyone who is still checking this thread: I know a really nice site that has all kinds of documents and downloads; I have found a lot there! Here is the link:
    Hope it helps someone

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    dragonfly93 said:


    Minä olen horjunut, epäilen enemmän kuin ennen
    Mutta halusit ihmisen, sen viat, sen heikkouden
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    Sanmayce said:


    Quote Originally Posted by MaresLejanos View Post
    This is one of the most completed irregular verbs table of english i found till now:
    Okey... If somebody know more pages like this, that could be nice for others, just post it. Thank you to all
    It is a good idea, I like your first link but the second one is destroyed, so check out this one (I would be glad if anyone can share with us more comprehensive English Irregular Verbs list than this):