Hey guys,

I have this song named coke n rum by an artist called Owen temple.Was trying to find the lyrics of the song.then only found out that the artist doesn't have a song titled coke n rum.......it has a Hawaiian music to it and goes like.....

Seagull crying.....(Can't understand this line from the song)
No man orders a drink
It's been ten years since he got here
And it hurts to think
that years ago this beach side bar,woman held his hand
He lost his chance for true romance.......(Can't understand this line from the song)
Well the woman's name was Marianne,and Gary loved her so
He said be my wife for the rest of your life...and she said no
Well little Gary he was from Indiana,all his life a traveling man,
Had a dog and a boat and he would float and fish around this old island

But he's stuck in front of one of the beach front bars zipping on a coke n rum
Tide rolls in and hes dreams die and waiting on a love that won't come..
True love will never will come.....

That's the first verse and the chorus from that song......SO if anybody knows the real artist and the correct lyrics...please post...