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    dead satellite

    Question first lyric post

    i have been battling insanity (or so i wonder) a bit lately but my lyrics simply define my emotions at that moment, the lyrics are supposed to be slightly disorganized with multiple characters, perhaps my ego, id and superego i dunno, i probably shouldn't post this one first, im expecting bad reviews but here we go, perhaps next time ill pop on a more likeable lyric... i don't have a title for this one, suggestions would be appreciated... last thing, i know everyones got jokes but id appreciate constructive remarks, trust me i could sit here and make fun of my own lyrics all day... please rate from 1-10 with 10 being the highest


    Won't you stop whispering in my ears
    I'm begging
    But... I'm comfortable

    Your whispers are barely audible,
    but i can hear
    I won't listen...

    I'm shivering, I'm sobbing
    I'm trying to forget
    I'm trying to remember what it really means

    ...To be compassionate...

    Am I crazy?
    Or just frightened?

    The phone lines are out of order
    ...Only hell awaits your fallen soul...

    Be ashamed, be deranged

    They whisper in your ear
    and you can't hear who's calling you from far away

    They are trying to save you
    But I'll whisper in your ear
    until the wax builds a wall between you and your sanctity

    Rub your eyes and I'll be staring right at you...
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    I think the lyric is pretty good. It's got that spooky, kinda ominous feel to it. You also wanted an idea for a title. I don't know if it's the kind of sound you're going for but maybe "Voices of Paranoia" might work.

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