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    dead satellite

    Cool second lyric post, arent you excited!!!

    this one is a little more sane, im touching on the mystery of life and how our guesses at life seem primitive to me at times, basically i have no fricken idea just theories... but yeah once again please be constructive, we all got jokes but im not looking for one have a terrific cold ****ing winter and if you are somewhere warm then go **** yourself because im jealous... please rate from 1-10 with 10 being highest


    Have I been wasting time?
    Opinions are irrelevant
    Thoughts are frail
    And our minds are weak

    So when you speak I shouldn't listen

    All I feel is all I know
    I'm all alone, I'm on my own
    I'm free in shackles of gold
    Looking for a better way to fit the pieces

    We want different NUMBERS here
    The puzzle is in a different code
    The 4th dimension I can't feel
    But I can touch...

    Ok, I'll spare you here's a normal lyric... It's about my best friend when his heart was broken for the first time, he was trying to be a hard *** on the phone and he was still in some denial, but i could hear the pain in his voice... but he's happy now and his new girlfriend loves to have sex to a point that almost scares me...


    He's off the phone, alone in misery
    Trapped in an inner frenzy, a world of philosophy
    His heart is frail, his mind in weakening
    Speaking words is no cure for a tired soul

    A glass of vodka touched with cranberry
    The bitter taste is unusually soothing
    The streets aren't silent because the pigs are up
    Also hoodlums make noise up above

    Now are you listening?
    Was I loud enough
    The words weren't clear
    So I'll clarify
    You make no sense
    I can't comprehend
    Why you are leaving now
    And not coming back

    Tell me now that you don't love me
    Cause if you did you'd stay right here next to me
    Still you pack your bags oh so stubbornly
    You look at me like I'm talking crazy

    Now the clock has turned and the sun came up
    Then it went away and the moon showed up

    Well the sun has gone
    And the party's on
    Wish on a shooting star
    That you don't come

    You're not invited to this lonely night
    Now **** the world, you're all uptight

    I hope you walk away
    To a phony bar
    With phony poeple
    That drive fast cars

    Cause I don't give a **** and I don't give a damn
    I'll just drink my drugs and strum my guitar
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    I think both of the songs are good. Jigsaw is kinda of confusing due to the subject but is understandable if attention is paid. King of Russia is one of those songs, in my opinion, that bring to mind one of your buddies that's got the worst luck in the world because let's face it. Everybody knows one of those people!

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