Here's one of my song
Please comment on the good and the bad.

Fate's Joke

Everything is going wrong
yet it never felt so right
I'll never have a chance since
Cause fates joke is all I am

I know this girl
who could be my world
her smile lights up a room
some thing has to be done soon

I have to make a move
should i ask her out
or should i just close my mouth
my heart and head just can't agree

How do you act
when you like a girl
who is dating someone else

I can't get her out of my head
as i look at the stars
i wish she was in my arms


I'm just fates little joke
everything is going so wrong
but it's never felt so right

I know this girl
whose smile can light up a room
I'm dieing to ask her out
Because i think she like me to