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  1. nastyuna said:

    Default Dania/Ilham el Madfai etc. - Foug El Nakhal [*]

    Hello everybody. This is an Iraqi song performed by Nathem el Ghazali, Ilham el Madfai, remixed by Dania (seems like it's the same song?) Couldn't find lyrics & translation on the net. Could someone help me please?
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    sohuda said:


    فوق النخل فوق يابه فوق النخل فوق
    foug el nakhal fog ya ba foug el nakhal foug
    above the palm trees (oh dad) above the palm trees
    مدري لامع خده يابه مدري القمر فوق
    madry lame3 khada ya ba madry el gomar foug
    I don't know if his/her cheeks are glowing, (oh dad) I don't know that the moon is up
    والله ما ريده وباليني بلوه آه
    wallah ma reeda baleeny balwa
    I swear I don't want him/her, he/she's adding my burdens
    خدك لمع ياهواي وأضوه على البلاد
    khadak lema3 ya hawaya w adwa 3la el blad
    your cheek's glowing , oh my love, and it lighted up the whole country
    مقدر أصبر الروح واتحمل البعاد
    ma agdar asaber el rou7 w at7amal el b3ad
    I can't make the soul more patient and bear this distance
    والله معذبني بعيونه الحلوة
    wallah m3athebny be3youna el 7elwa
    I swear he/she's torturing me with his/her beautiful eyes
    كل البلام تفوت يابه عيني على بلمك
    kol el blam tfoot ya ba 3ainy 3la balmak
    all the ships are passing ,(oh dad) your ship
    ومن الهوى والروح ربي يسلمك
    w men el hawa wel rou7 raby ysalmak
    and from love and soul (meaning these things can torture a person so here he's praying that God will save his lover from these things)
    والله معذبني وما عنده مروة
    wallah m3athebny w ma 3enda mrewa
    I swear he/she's torturing me and he/she doesn't have mercy

    *this is the best I can do, it's kinda hard to translate, do tell me if there's anything you don't understand)
    The hours of pain have yielded good,
    Which prosperous days refused;
    As herbs, though scentless when entire,
    Spread fragrance when they’re bruised.
  3. nastyuna said:


    Bravo sohuda, I'm so grateful to you !!! May you be happy every day in your life!