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    Dance-Dance-kendra's Rev.

    Default Please Help

    I've been looking for the name or artist of this song for days now.

    Its from the hills season 4 episode 16.
    I think the song is only on the online version
    but it goes like this:

    "uh-oh Too-morrow we'll pretend that you tooook me home again and know that I don't want you to goooooooooooo."

    It played around 17:00 on the online version at the part right after Audrina and her sister got through talking and her sister says "everybody just needs to grow up"

    the song plays and then it goes to the part where lauren and lo are talking in the club.

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    Default Song

    The song's name is "Cemetery Street" and it's by The Bright.

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    Dance-Dance-kendra's Rev.

    omg!!! thank you sooooo much.
    that's the song i was looking for!!!
    thank you.

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    i kinda caught a bit of a song on the leatest episode... i don't know lyrics or when it was playing but i am pretty sure it was by Pink.. i am trying to watch it again so i at least know when it was playing.. i know this is a long shot but anyone???

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    Thumbs up another The Bright song in The Hills

    The Bright's song "I've Got a Feeling" was another song that got placement in MTV's The Hills 2 episodes later (season 4, episode 18) at around 9:45 into the show - just as you get an aerial view of the Statue of Liberty, New York City's skyline and Times Square. Great band from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX:

    Their album "In Lucid Dreams" is awesome......there's even a great cover of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" on the album. I got it on iTunes and it's been playing in my iPod nonstop.


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    Dance-Dance-kendra's Rev.

    Yeah, i found the song. But why don't they post ALL the songs on the MTV website.
    I mean if the show's going to be "known" for playing the newest music, why don't they list it all??

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    Dance-Dance-kendra's Rev.

    i'm not sure about this, but the song by pink i think is sober.
    there's another one on there too.
    just go to azlyrics and look through her song and see which song looks familiar

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