who wants a battle.
see no matter who u are i'm a crush u wid ease/
u aint a gangsta u aint a g u aint cluthcin a piece/
ur dads in the penetentiary for touchin his niece/
i leave u all buried cuz we finished rushin ya peeps/
UK aint ******* i'm crushin u ****s/
u want arms wid this kid then i'm cuttin u up/
dont try and clash me u stutterin sluts/
sniffin at my crotch like i wuz smugglin drugs/
anyone from the U.S who disrespects me get blazed/
but the ones who show me respect will get it back from the great/
aint got no problem wid u/u got a problem with me/
cuz of the way i speak when i'm ridin the beat/
so i'm a finish this rap/
i've diminished ya pack/
and every ****a on this page/
is a witness to dat.