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    Default Oum Kalthoum - Al Atlal [*]

    hi, anybody have the translation fo alAtlal of Oum Kalthoum


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    Al Atlal - The Ruins

    My heart, don't ask where the love has gone
    It was a citadel of my imagination that has collapsed
    Water me and let me drink of its ruins
    And tell the story on my behalf as long as the tears flow
    Tell how that love became past news
    And became a matter of the subject of pain
    I haven't forgotten you
    And you seduced me with a sweetly-calling and tender tongue
    And a hand extending towards me like a hand stretched out through the waves to a drowning person
    And a light searching for a wanderer
    But where is that light in your eyes?
    My darling, I visited your nest one day as a bird of desire singing my pain
    You've become self-important, spoiled and capricious
    And you inflict harm like a powerful tyrant
    And my longing for you cauterized my ribs (soul or insides)
    And the moments were embers in my blood
    Give me my freedom, release my hands
    Indeed, I've given you yours and did not try to retain anything
    Ah, your chains have bloodied my wrists
    Why are they still there when I no longer affect you
    Why do I keep promises that you do not honor?
    I've had it with this prison now that the world is mine
    He is far away, my enchanting love
    Full of pride, majesty and delicacy
    Sure-footed walking like a king with oppressive beauty and rapacious glory
    Redolent of charm like the breeze of the valleys
    Pleasant to experience like the night's dreams
    I've lost forever the charm of your company that radiated brilliantly
    I, wandering in love, a bewildered butterfly, approached you
    And between us, desire was a messenger and drinking companion that presented the cup to us
    Had love seen two as intoxicated as us?
    So much hope we had built up around us
    And we walked in the moonlit path, joy skipping along ahead of us
    And we laughed like two children together
    And we ran and raced our shadows
    And we became aware after the euphoria and woke up
    If only we did not awaken
    Wakefulness ruined the dreams of slumber
    The night came and the night became my only friend
    And then the light was an omen of the sunrise and the dawn was towering over like a conflagration
    And then the world was as we know it, with each lover in their own path
    Oh sleepless one who slumbers and remembers the promise when you wake up
    Know that if a wound begins to recover another wound crops up with the memory
    So learn to forget and learn to erase it
    My darling everything is fated
    It is not by our hands that we make our misfortune
    Perhaps one day our fates will cross when our desire to meet is strong enough
    For if one friend denies the other and we meet as strangers
    And if each of us follows his or her own way
    Don't say it was by our own will
    But rather, the will of fate

    Source: Youtube

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    Thank you ! you saved my life!

    Is not easy for me translate this music, and I love it!


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    You're welcome

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    can someone write it in arabic also plsss,i found them on one site but i cant follow it coz its not written it same rows as translation

    يا فؤادي لا تسل أين الهوى كان صرحا من خيال فهوى
    اسقني واشرب على أطلاله واروعني طالما الدمع روى
    كيف ذاك الحب أمسى خبرا وحديثا من أحاديث الهوى
    لست أنساك وقد أغريتني بفم عذب المنادة رقيق ويد
    تمد نحوي كيد من خلال الموج مدت لغريق وبريق يظمأ
    الساري له أين في عينيك نياك البريق ياحبيبا زرت يوما
    أيكه طائر الشوق أغنى ألمي لك إبطاء المذل المنعم وتجني
    القادر المحتكم و حنيني لك يكوي أضلعي والتواني جمرات
    في دمي أعطني حريتي أطلق يدي ا إنني أعطيتك ما استبقيت
    شيئا آه من قيدك أدمى معصمي لم أبقيه وما أبقى عليا
    ما احتفاظي بعهود لم تصنها وإلام الأسر والدنيا لد يا أين من
    عيني حبيب ساحر فيه عز وجلال وحياء واثق الخطوة يمشي
    ملكا ظالم الحسن شهي الكبرياء عبق السحر كأنفاس الربى
    ساهم الطرف كأحلام المساء أين مني مجلس أنت به فتنتة تمت
    سناء وسنى وأنا حب و قلب هائم وفراش حائر منك دنا ومن
    الشوق رسول بيننا ونديم قدم الكاس لنا هل رأى الحب سكارى
    مثلنا كم بنينا من خيال حولنا ومشينا في طريق مقمر تثب
    الفرحة فبه قلبنا وضحكنا ضحك طفلين معا وعدونا فسبقنا ظلنا
    وانتبهنا بعد ما زال الرحيق وأفقنا ليت أنا لانفبق يقظة
    طاحت بأحلام الكرى وتولى الليل والليل صديق وإذا النور
    نذير طالع وإذا الفجر مطال كالحريق وإذا الدنيا كما تعرفها
    وإذ ا الأحباب كل فب طريق أيها الساهر تغفو تذكر العهد
    وتصحو وإذا ما الأم جرح جد بالتذكار جرح فتعلم كيف
    تنيى وتعلم كيف تمحو يا حبيبي كل شيء بقضاء ما بأيدينا
    خلقنا تعساء ربما تجمعنا أقدارنا ذات يوم بعدما عز اللقاء فإذا
    انكر خل خله وتلاقينا لقاء الغرباء ومضى كل إلى غايته لاتقل
    شئنا فإن الحظ شاء
    here are lyrics

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