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  1. karimali831 said:

    Default She's A Maniac remix


    I'm really desparate looking for the remix of this song. No idea what the remix is called, but there is a techno/dance for the first 20-30 seconds, then it goes onto the main song then the techno plays for the last time.

    Ahh anyone please tell me all the remixes you know for this song!!


    Below is a list of tracks from indoor cycling fitness, I can either find this CD which I have been looking for everywhere with no luck or just find the missing track and find the right remix for "she's a maniac".

    In Your Hands [Minimalistix Remix]
    Get the party started pink
    Open up leftfield
    I believe happy clappers
    Rise soul providers
    -- missing fast track --
    Holiday mad house
    She's a maniac --unknown remix--
    Mary J. Blige - No More Drama

    If anyone can help me find either of this I would more than grateful!

    Thank you.

    Hi all am trying to look for a remix of song She's a maniac, I've got a sample (link below) from a workout class.
    Anyone know the remix if not singer to the song?

    Anything greatly appreciated, thanks

    I've checked the first two before, and it's not those ones that I'm looking nor the last you you posted.

    Anyone know anymore?

    Thank you!


    Final Bump

    Nope Anymore?

    I did do that before I posted this thread. I searched hours and hours but nothing. Maybe two parts have been put together to make the remix but is not known.

    I have no idea, I'll best record it nexttime I hear it

    Ok heres a sample of what I'm looking:

    Sample (Download here) - (Stream here)
    Anyone even recognize it? Remix? Or.. just a combination with another soundtrack? If so, I want the tune at the start of it.

    Thank you


    Thanks for reply but this is for sure the wrong remix, take a look at the sample.

    Nope, took me 30 minutes to try every single remix on Youtube and none of them!
    Maybe I'm better off giving up, it is just not on the internet :S

    what's this?? not what I'm after

    perhaps anyone know the singer?

    Lol, that shouldn't get on the way.. it is pretty clear IMO.

    The remix can't be on Youtube because I pretty much damn searched everyone! I think anyway..
    I have also tried picking up the CD by google'ing all the tracks in search but nothing.

    If anyone knows the singer, that along with the duration of the track can help the search..
    It's a damn hard search and doubt I will get it in the end


    Hi all

    I am looking for house remix of She's a maniac track, I've searched most if not all the remixes on Youtube without luck.
    I've got a sample here :

    If not track author perhaps of the singer?

    Thanks for any help


    I am trying to look for this electro-remix of She's a maniac.
    This is a recording from fitness class..

    The link:-

    Anyone can help please?

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    DJ Maxx said:
  3. Sabs said:


    An Irish DJ called Mark McCabe did a version too, so check out this one:
  4. xXOraProNobisXx said:


    DJ Terence - Maniac 2001
    terrence - maniax
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    DJ Maxx said:


    I don't know if you've already done this, but if you go to :

    and in the search box type Maniac will get dozens of hits.

    Probably no one can answer because there are just too many of them.

    I hope you find it because I want to hear it too......
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    emily1979 said:


    Dance like no one is watching, Sing like no one is listening, Love like youíve never been hurt, Live like itís heaven on earth
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    Mixalopoulos said:


    karimali831 would like to bump this thread.
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  8. jp12345 said:
  9. karimali831 said:


    Thanks but I can't find no site of preview, download or buy?
    That website preview does not work.
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  10. jp12345 said:


    Oh, it worked for me when I hit the green square for that song (#13). Here's the link where the song sample pops up.
  11. karimali831 said:


    Ohhh yes I think that is the one !
    I am from UK it doesn't let me buy it... if I send you money can you please buy and send it to me?
    I would appreciate it alot

    Many thanks
  12. karimali831 said:


    Ohh I really really want this album
    Can't buy, India only?
  13. karimali831 said:

    Default Can't find buy/download for album or song


    I urgently trying to buy the album "Blast from the past" by Bhushan Dua (T-Series) or to buy the song Maniac by Bhushan Dua.
    I cannot find this anywhere on the Internet.. I have looked as hard as I can, I am coming to very strong belief it's not possible to buy as it's available anywhere online?

    Anyway this is the album:-

    If anyone can find me ANYTHING to buy I would appreciate it a lot.
    It has been a long and stressful search!

    Many thanks
  14. jp12345 said:


    Two different music apps confirmed the song. The site I linked is the only place I could find it. You can sign up and download it there, I think.
  15. karimali831 said:


    Not on spotify, nor smashits.
    The other site you need to be in India to buy a subscription.

    Looks like you cannot buy this in UK anywhere.
    Anyone know of any other place?
  16. karimali831 said:


    @ jp12345 how did you find out it was by bhushan dua and how you find the link to
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    Mixalopoulos said:


    Quote Originally Posted by karimali831 View Post
    @ jp12345 how did you find out it was by bhushan dua and how you find the link to
    jp said in an earlier post that "two different music apps confirmed the song"
    and if you search in Google 'Bhushan Dua - Maniac' will come up.
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  18. karimali831 said:


    Yes I know that but I am looking place to buy.