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    Smile Learning Kurdish

    I want to learn myself, but is it hard, because on the internet it isn´t so much information. And I wanna listen how to pronounce words and how to write them with latin letters.

    my skype is: nqma_liubov_f

    I hope that someone will try to help me, because I ´m really in love with Kurdish language...
    Thank you very much!
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    i saw that i made one mistake in my skype name. I m sorry.
    The right one is: nqma_liubov_f
    I hope that someone ll be interested at help me!

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    I'm sorry liveyourlife, but i think that this site isn't that popular with kurds, I really want to help you out, but I'm not a kurd with sorani dialect, but I have kurmanci and more specificly the bahdinian part, so I'm really sorry and I hope you will learn someday.

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    Hi, Im glad to see there are people out there interested in Kurdish. The Sorani dialect isn't that hard once you know the basics.

    Here is the link to a site which will help with basic phrases:

    This site will give you a background on the Kurdish language:

    And here is a link to a site where you can purchase a CD to assist you:

    Hope you find them useful. Its really hard to find anything online to help people learn Kurdish. I would recommend you listen to Kurdish radio, tv programs and watch songs on youtube, just so you get used to the basics and to the accent. Let me know if you need anymore help along the way. GOODLUCK =]

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    If you want to learn Kurdish I suggest you going to some Kurdish Social network sites theres alot of people that are willing to help you out. it has kurdish forums, news, videos, photo gallery everything. Its not my site but i have an account there. there is also viva kurdistan but you have to pay to do anything there

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    Default Sorani

    Sorani is not dead. don't make borders between Kurds. They are dialects. Sorani just like Kurmanji has more dialects underneath it.

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    i dont mean dead totaly

    as like in ey raqip said , kurd is alive with language and culture ..... but no any kurds wanna use arabic alphabet, its slowdown kurdistan ppls education, so i don't too good luck to you
    you live in our hearts and will revive soon KRG

    You Can Be A Presiden,You Can't Be The Ahmet Kaya

    Uyan Ey Gözlerim Gafletten Uyan
    AZ+KR=Medya <3

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