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    Cool what are some hot songs in bosnia right now?

    the best of the best?!

    hvala puno!

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    anyone ????
    any kind of singer / type!

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    Well... I don't know.. but I bet this guy is very popular there now because he won the regional show Operacija Trijumf ...

    that said, probably Al Dino, who sings the song in original, is popular as well

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    i think this is really popular, but this is Greek song...another stolen song...Greek version is better, but Sebian (Marko Bulat-Alkohol) is the of these three songs...well that's my opinion
    It's fun to lose and pretend!!!

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    The new Dubioza Kolektiv album (5 do 12) is pretty popular right now.
    Personally- it's very meh. Same old slacktivist lyrics and cliche riffs, like their last one.

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    I'm not from bosnia but i do know a lot of bosnian/serbs and I listen to a lot of balkan music, but I imagine anything by Seka Aleksic is popular over there (like her fairly new song Tamo Gde Ti Si):

    or Muskarac Koji Mrzi Zene (thats a new song by Jelena Karleusa):

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