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    Default Please Help Now, I'm Making A Long Distance Call To Someone In Switzerland In 9 Hours

    Please help......I want to say something nice and sweet to her in "Suisse German"

    Please someone help

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    @ bugmenot

    aber die letzten Sätze würd ich nicht umbedingt gleich beim 1. Gespräch verwenden

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    I miss you = Ich vermisse Dich

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    Thank you so much guys. I'll definitely have to start practicing how to say these for the next time I talk with her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugmenot1 View Post
    I like you = Ich mag dich or Ich habe dich lieb
    You are cute = Du bist süß
    You are beautifull = Du bist hübsch
    I want to have sex with you = ich möchte mit dir schlafen
    You're sexy = Du bist geil :P

    Thats all
    I'm from Germany the translations are correct trust me =)
    how about " ich will mit dir ins bett gehn " ???

    do you think the girl will slap him ? haha !
    Now I’m standing close to you
    It’s just something that I do
    When I need love to be enough
    I wish love could be enough
    -DJ Tiesto-

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    but the translations should be in swiss german. tell the person

    I like you = I ha di gärn
    You are cute = Du bisch härzig
    You are beautifull = Du bisch hübsch
    I want to have sex with you = i wot mit dir schlafe
    You're sexy = Du bisch geil
    I miss you = i vermisse di
    what are you wearing at the moment = was hesch an?
    Take care of you = pass uf di uf / lueg uf di
    Its nice to hear you voice = schön dini stimm zghöre
    i love you = i liebe di

    maybe you can use this for you next phone call i know the pronounciation is a bit difficult but im sure the person who hears it will enjoy

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