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    muzic freak

    Default Need Help finding song title & artist from obscure late 80's early 90's Country song

    All I remember is the begining lyrics

    You dont see many 57 chevrolets
    Those ol' cars are get'in hard to find these days
    But if you got the money & you dont care what you pay
    I know where there's one

    I thought the song was called "I know where there's one" bacause that line came up offten in the song. I have been trying to find this song for years but cannot remember who sang it or the song name. The singers voice was female and it sounds alot like Alison Krouse.It was played on the radio alot, but I dont think it was ever a top 20 song.Thanks for any help.

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    I think you might be looking for this one

    Dixiana - I Know Where There's One

    You dont see many 57 Chevrolets
    Those old cars are getting hard to find
    But if you've got the money and you didnt care to pay
    I know where there's one

    Drive-in picture shows are a thing of the past
    Arms around your baby, steaming up the glass
    And if you want directions, well all you gotta do is ask
    'Cause I know where there's one

    And once upon a time it was easier to find
    A love to last forever
    That could stand the test of time
    And now it seems today
    That all the hearts of gold are gone
    But I know where there's one

    There's an attic full of rare antiques and things from days of old
    But the things that we're all looking for can't be bought or sold
    The rarest thing of all is a dream that you can hold
    But I know where there's one

    unfortunately, I haven't been able to search for a sample, my internet connection is shocking at the moment
    Its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice
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    muzic freak

    Mumbles all I can say is, Thank You, that is the song. I dont know how you know or find the songs but, Thanks. Now to just find an MP3 of it or the whole CD somewhere. Atleast I know what to look for now.

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