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    Default Savvatovrado stin Kaisariani

    I'm looking desperately for the Greek lyrics and translation of this song, lyrics by Lefteris Papadopoulos (tune by Stavros Xarchakos; originally sung by Grigoris Bithikotsis). I fell in love with it in Greece in 1966, heard the story behind it, and later--1992--asked a band in a Greek restaurant in Los Angeles to play it: they did, and every Greek in the place stood up for the whole song. A band here in Seattle would like to learn it.

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    Here is the lyrics. I hope someone good can translate it for you.

    Το απομεσήμερο έμοιαζε να στέκει
    σαν αμάξι γέρικο στην ανηφοριά
    κάθε απομεσήμερο στο παλιό μας στέκι
    πίσω απ' το μαγέρικο του Ντελη-βοριά

    Κι όλα μοιάζαν ουρανός και ψωμί σπιτίσιο
    κι όλα μοιάζαν ουρανός και γλυκό γλυκό ψωμί

    Γνώριζες τα βήματα ξέκρινα τους ήχους
    και φωτιές ανάβαμε με σβηστή φωνή
    τις βραδιές συνθήματα γράφαμε στους τοίχους
    πέφταμε φωνάζοντας κάτω οι Γερμανοί

    Κι όλα μοιάζαν ουρανός και ψωμί σπιτίσιο
    κι όλα μοιάζαν ουρανός και πικρό πικρό ψωμί

    Τάχα τι να ζήλεψαν στα χλωμά σου μάτια
    που γιομαν τ' απόβραδο γλύκα πρωινή
    ήρθαν και βασίλεψαν τα βαθιά σου μάτια
    κάποιο Σαββατόβραδο στην Καισαριανή

    Κι όλα γίναν κεραυνός πελαγίσια αρμύρα
    κι όλα γίναν κεραυνός και πικρό πικρό ψωμί

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    Wow, that was fast! Thanks very much. I will pass this along to the band, and hope the translation will appear. Or else I will try to work it out, with the help of the band, and then post the result myself. Blessings. Paul

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    Hello again. I have found the translation from another site. I think this is trustable. But you better wait until someone confirms the translation:

    The afternoon seemed standing
    As an old car in the uphill
    Every afternoon at our old joint
    Behind the cooking-house of Deli-vorias

    Everything resembled heaven and homemade bread
    Everything resembled heaven and sweet-sweet bread

    You knew the steps, I discerned the sounds
    We were lighting fires with a dead voice
    At nights we were writing graffiti on the walls
    We were falling crying, down with the Germans

    Everything resembled heaven and homemade bread
    Everything resembled heaven and bitter-bitter bread

    I wonder what they envied in your pale eyes
    Which are filled at early night with morning sweetness
    They came and set, your deep eyes
    Some Saturday Night at Kaisariani

    Everything became thunder - Sea saltiness
    Everything became thunder and bitter-bitter bread

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    Thanks again!

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    Great translation, thank you! I'm Greek, but I didn't understand some of the words, I appreciate it.

    This is such an amazing song. Check out the Grigoris Bithikotsis interpretation on youTube (I believe it's the original one). Curiously, there is a note about the middle stanza that ends 'down with the Germans' having been censored (it is in fact absent from that youTube vid). I wonder if this was during the junta and the military government trying to hide any hint of rebellion in the song.

    The music is wonderful as is the unparalleled voice of Bithikotsis, a true master. I first heard this song in the mid-80s. My father had received a compilation LP record as a gift from his best friend in Greece, the title of which was Ta Megala Tragoudia (The Great Songs). Some of the other songs included To gelasto paidi (The Laughing Boy) a rebel song written by Theodorakis and interpreted by Maria Farantouri, as well as Dose mou to stoma sou (Give me your mouth) sung by Rena Koumioti.

    I had not heard Savvatovrado stin Kaisariani since then, we're talking 25 years. I just found it days ago on youTube when a friend showed me how to use Greek characters on a keyboard and paste into youTube search engine.

    What a masterpiece. The part where he sings the second 'ola ginan' is phenomenal; he extends the second syllable of 'ginan' beautifully (gin-a-a-a-an) .

    Thanks again for the lyrics and translation.

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    Also, there used to be a restaurant in Montreal called Deli Vorias (deli short for delicatessen). Now I know where the guy got the name!

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