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    Tahira said:

    Default Who sings this song?

    Due to some strange circumstances I have received a CD with nice greek laika music. It´s always the same female singer singing. I want to know who is the singer, I assume that it was of the big famous greek singers nowaday. Like: Vandi, Paparizou etc.

    I wrote down the lyrics how I understad them, maybe somebody of you can identify the singer:

    Me zilebeis, tichos logos
    tichos se.....? (kormi?)
    den máfinis isichia oute mia stigmi
    Me zilebeis, tichos logs
    kai den mou milas, pes mou leika ti theleis, pes mou ti sitas
    afou ksereis ságaopao, giati theleis na ponao

    I do not need the lyrics, I just want the singers name. Anyhelp will be aprreciate.
    If necessary I can also write parts of lyrics from some other songs.

    Thank you in advance.
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    maria_gr said:


    Λένα Παπαδοπούλου - Αιχμάλωτη καρδιάς
    Άνθρωποι τύχης είδωλον επλάσαντο, πρόφασιν ιδίης αβουλίης.

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    Tahira said:


    OH MAria,
    Thank you very much. I was thinking before to myself, if that song is not clear to anybody I will write down the song with "the moon".
    And now I wrote Lena papadopoulou in youtube and immediatelly a song named "To Fegari" appears...
    Great. Actually I never came across this singer, but all the songs I have on that particular CD are very very nice.

    Thank you a lot for helping!!!