I'm Looking for lyric writer!!!

Thread: I'm Looking for lyric writer!!!

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  1. MyRed's Avatar

    MyRed said:

    Default I'm Looking for lyric writer!!!

    What's up everybody, my band is looking for lyric writer, native english speaker. If someone has some lyrics and can share with it - we'll be really glad
  2. Aznarv said:


    Hey! What genre do you play?
    I have a post about some lyrics I made, maybe you didn't see it.
    Take a look at
    and tell me what you think.
  3. Phase Landing said:


    Hi, what sort of lyrics are you looking for.
    go to
    I wrote a lot of the lyrics for several of these songs.

    I generally just need for you to have some idea of what you are trying to say, and a syllable count.

  4. Ecclesiastes said:


    What genre do you play. I have a sample of my work: http://jesuisglenn.multiply.com/jour.../Sinking_Ships
  5. EWAG1994 said:


    I can pretty good raps if thats what you need.
  6. fli_babie said:


    What kind of lyrics are you looking for? I have lyrics but no music. So let me know.
  7. howetedj said:

    Default Too Much Glue

    Do not know what your band is into, but here is something I just whipped up.


    Too Much Glue

    I am just a rock man, no sand, just sad
    in a hard world, with no rules, not cool
    steel for breakfast, concrete for lunch
    don't ask for the jakes, now its a bust

    some people say, but I do not care
    their thoughts get caught in my underwear
    and mix with thing better left unsaid
    hey open the window its smells kind,a dead

    I am just a voice no one wants to hear
    so I just keep on screaming, is that clear
    as I sip my cold coffee mixed with beer
    thinned a little with my tears

    have you seen my pet his name is dog
    meanest rat this side of the bog
    he likes to eat thing lost in the fog
    he liked playing too much with cars

    when I grow up I want to be me
    not too fat and not too lean
    just short of being a freak
    I am just a little different see!