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    superstar_eylul said:

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    Hello, My Finnish isn't good enough for this so please can someone translate the following two English songs into Finnish for me please? Please can you use as much slang in the first song as possible? And the second one very very formal. Thanks <u>very</u> much

    Here comes the evil man
    Pray for their lives you'll end
    Smashing the gaudy throne
    He throws it on[to] their bones

    Like I'm losing with my wings in orbit
    Try my best to make the moment awesome
    If you remember not to tread with caution
    I'll make your body speak in full distortion

    I can't sleep at night, I fear death's warning
    I keep afloat by holding tide so cautious
    Somebody dragged me here, I'm trapped with wild horses
    And now I'm losing and my heart is nauseous

    Don't dance, don't dance, don't dance, don't dance
    You can't win

    Where there's freedom
    There's freedom
    Is this freedom?

    Papa's left, papa's left
    Papa's gone away from here
    What is left in it's place?
    Only our aching feet
    You can see, you can see
    Is there an exit here?
    I believe, I believe
    We're gonna leave this fear

    Don't dance, don't dance, don't dance, don't dance
    You can't dance


    Another child is born
    Another race is won
    Another dream is shattered
    Another day has begun

    This world is still afloat
    No not in Noah's boat
    We've only lost the vision
    Of the stars we're meant to be

    Another broken heart
    Another lesson learnt
    Another harvest eaten
    Another night is gone
    A new day's begun
    Even your dreams they can be real

    This world is full of love
    We still have hope


    Thanks very much again
  2. lipastaja said:


    I'll take a shot at the second, the formal, one.

    Taas uusi lapsi syntyy
    Taas uusi kilpa voitetaan
    Taas uusi haave murskataan
    Taas uusi päivä alkaa

    Maailma pysyy vielä pinnalla
    Ei, ei Nooan laivassa
    Emme vain enää näe
    tähtiä, joita meistä piti tulla

    Taas uusi sydän särkyy
    Taas uusi oppitunti (meh, bad translation, can't think of a better one to fit the pattern)
    Taas uusi sato syötynä
    Taas uusi yö takana
    Uusi aamu alkanut
    Haaveesikin voivat olla totta

    Tämä maailma täynnä rakkautta
    Meillä vielä toivoa

    Not great poetry, my translation
  3. lipastaja said:


    And just a quick warning: "as much slang as possible" is a dangerous term, especially in Finnish. Applying excessive Finnish slang to poetry is like applying lawn mower blades to kittens. It can be done, but it's not pretty.

    Can I ask why you need these in Finnish? I think most people here want to understand a foreign song, but you seem fluent in English. Do you plan to make Finnish cover versions? If so, do you want the translated lyrics to match the original rhythm?
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    superstar_eylul said:


    Thanks for your translation of the second song.
    Well, I've been learning Finnish for several months now, and I think I'm doing quite well, but I was hoping to share these two songs with a Finnish friend, so a really literal translation of both would suffice... I wouldn't dare be so cheeky as to ask for the translator to make the syllables fit the music!

    As for Finnish slang, I would have really liked to see it in "slangi", but as you said, it usually isn't pretty. The English song has a colloquial feel to it, so I thought if it was translated with "oo" instead of "On" or to that effect, then it would feel a bit more natural and a lot less dry.

    Thank-you for your translation again
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    superstar_eylul said:


    I'm still hoping someone can translate the first one for me. Thanks