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  1. Steena's Avatar

    Steena said:

    Smile Planing 'A Guide to German music'

    As I've already mentioned I'd like to collect information about German music, German artist and everything concerning these topics. We are yet planning this and nothing is fixed, so post your ideas here if you like to participate or want to improve the project

    The idea was to open a thread that gives information on the bands from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, their music, maybe history, style of music, and also examples of their music if possible.

    Here's something I made up as pattern for the entry of a certain band:

    Year of foundation:
    Official band homepage: (if any)
    Popular Titles: (if possible give links to samples)

    General information: (some sentences about the band, things you have to know about them and their success, band history and so on)

    (+ picture max. 300x300 px)
    Do you have other ideas or something you would not include?

    Any participation is welcome, and it does not matter if you want to write something about a band or not. We're at the beginning of it. And of course you can also participate if German is not your mother tongue! The entries will be written in English and if you like a certain band you might still be able to collect information and write something about them
    होता है जो होना है ... वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है ...
    कौन कहता है आदमी अपनी किस्मत खुद लिखता है?
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    Marcel88 said:


    hey guys,

    steena, what about wikipedia?
    well, i've been away till now for two years from this forum due schooling, life, etc.
    so im not up-to-date whats up here^^

    after i read ur posting my first thought was "why this lot of work"

    the same information u'll find exactly on wikipedia if ur searching for band/singer information.

    plz dont get me wrong, its a nice idea but why having this much work if u can already find these informations in the net?


    maybe it wud be better and easier to post only the links!
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    Steena said:


    I don't believe that every German band has a very detailed entry in English language
    होता है जो होना है ... वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है ...
    कौन कहता है आदमी अपनी किस्मत खुद लिखता है?
  4. Liv said:


    I think, it`s a nice idea and I start with Züri West, one of the most popular and best known swiss rockbands. This music style is called "Mundartrock" in Switzerland, because they are singing in the swiss language "Schwitzerdütsch". They have a lot of own songs in different tempi but they also do covers of hits. When they cover a song, they translate the lyrics in Schwitzerdütsch.

    wikipedia link in german language:

    Name: Züri West
    Location: Bern, Switzerland
    Genre: Rock ("Mundartrock")
    Year of foundation: 1984
    The bands homepage: (not very good in my opinion)
    Popular songs: many!


    "I schänke dir mis Herz" - Everyone knows this song in switzerland!

    "Wenn I di nit cha überrede"

    "Benissimo" (cover of a song of whom I actually don`t know the title)


    "Fische versänke" - One of the latest songs. Before the song begins, you can listen here to the announcement of the song in Schwitzerdütsch.
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    Steena said:


    Thanks Liv, that's very cool It will be added to the final thread for sure!
    होता है जो होना है ... वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है ...
    कौन कहता है आदमी अपनी किस्मत खुद लिखता है?
  6. Liv said:


    I hope you enjoy the songs
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    Tahira said:


    I want to introduce you the german band Zackenflanke.
    These are 6 experiened musicians performing medievil music with bagpipes, shawn (kind of mizmar) and drums, accompanied (in many songs) with oriental tabla, so it has an oriental touch. 3 of those musicians have been playing music for many many years and are active in organizing cultural events in our region. So if you like music in the style of the middle ages, you´ll like Zackenflanke music.

    Just have a look at their homepage or myspace:

    There you´ll find more information about this band, as well as photographs and samples to listen to their music, and some videos from live gigs.

    They brought out their new album Remixtum recently, which is a remix of formers songs now with electronic beats and club sounds.

    Enjoy it !
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    Steena said:


    The guide is open here now - if you have anything to contribute, just go ahead
    होता है जो होना है ... वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है ...
    कौन कहता है आदमी अपनी किस्मत खुद लिखता है?
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    Kaulitz_girl_483 said:


    Steena i like your idea
    cos clearly i like german musik xD
    i found a band called EMMA6 i dont know if they're famous or not in Deutschland, but i like their songs (i'll ask some translations later xDD)

    Name: emma6
    Location: Heinsberg / Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen (DE)
    Genre: Pop / Rock / Indie
    Year of foundation: ¿?
    Official band homepage:
    Popular Titles: "Autumn". "Melodie", "Wunderbare Jahre"

    General information:
    EMMA6-Lieder gehen direkt ins Ohr. Und bleiben. Oft länger als einem lieb ist. Vielleicht ist es die Musik. Ein junger, frischer Stil, zusammengeklebt aus Pop, Rock und Indie, mit diesem Hauch Naivität. Meist rock- und tanzbar, manchmal aber auch einfach zum Stillstehen und Träumen. Vielleicht sind es die deutschen Texte. Ehrlich sind sie und geradeaus. Für jeden verständlich, keine Pseudo-Lyrik. Geschrieben über das Jungsein und alles, was es mit sich bringt: Wunderschöne und traurige Zeiten, Liebe und Schmerz, Freundschaft und Spaß am Leben. Jeder kann ein Lied davon singen. EMMA6 tun es laut. Sie tun es, seit sich die drei Freunde Anfang 2006 entschlossen, Liedschreiber zu werden. Die Welt wollen sie nicht verbessern. Dafür ist Bono zuständig. EMMA6 sind nur zwei Brüder und ihr bester Kumpel, die aus dem tiefsten Westen der Republik kommen und nicht eher Ruhe geben, bis jeder Club bespielt ist und jeder Gehörgang um Gnade fleht. Freu dich drauf, wenn sie irgendwann in deiner Stadt sind. Denn live wirst du einfach weggepustet. Das Kopfnicken kommt von ganz allein. Eine laute, angezerrte Gitarre, groovende Tieftöne und ein auf den Punkt gespieltes Schlagzeug. Das klassische Trio. „Mehr brauchen wir nicht“, finden die Jungs.
    (* someone could translate it)

    i dont know thse guys seems not to be famous, anyways i wanna know german bands, like pop or punk!!!!! so please talk about some bands xD
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    Steena said:


    EMMA6 has been added to the list Very nice music!
    होता है जो होना है ... वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है ...
    कौन कहता है आदमी अपनी किस्मत खुद लिखता है?
  11. MONAXOTHS said:


    Name: Die Sterne
    Location: Bad Salzuflen, Ostwestfalen, Germany
    Genre: pop
    Year of foundation: 1991
    Youtube-Link to the song "Das Bischen Besser":

    Name: Die Fantastischen Vier
    Location: Stuttgart, Baden Württemberg, Germany
    Genre: HipHop
    Year pf foundation: 1990
    Youtube "Tag Am Meer":
    popular title: Best Of 1990-2005

    I recommend this album for it includes most of their famous songs

    Name: Kruder & Dorfmeister
    Location: Wien, Austria
    Genre: electronic, Trip Hop, etc...
    Year of foundation: 1993 (?)
    Youtube "trans fatty acid":

    other Projekts:
    peace orchestra

    they'll find a nice place in any DJ's collection.

    something different, but anyway it is German Albums:

    Name: Peter Gabriel
    Location: GB
    Genre: Rock
    German Albums:
    - ein deutsches Album, 1982
    - ein deutsches Album, 1980

    fantastic albums and quite unknown, all in German language.
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  12. MONAXOTHS said:


    Name: City
    Location: GDR (!!!)
    Genre: Rock, Pop
    recommended Album: The Best Of, remastered and authorisiert von City, 1992
    Youtube to "Am Fenster":
    this is includin a link to the extended vesion plus the lyrics to read while listening.

    worth listening
    if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.
    (Freidrich Nietzsche)
  13. Tanis said:


    A nice idea here´s my favorite German band.
    P.s. if I you see any mistakes in my English (and I´m sure there are some) please tell it to me

    Name: J.B.O (James Blast Orchestra, later James *censored* Orchestra)
    Location: Erlangen, Germany
    Genre: German-Fun-Metal (yes, this metal genre really exists^^)
    Year of foundation: 1989
    Members: Hannes "G. Laber" Holzmann (Vocals, E-Guitar)
    Vito C. (Vocals, E-Guitar)
    Holmer "a Bier" Graap (Drums till 2000)
    Schmitti (Bass till 2000)
    Wolfram Kellner (Drums since 2001)
    Ralph Bach (Bass since 2001)
    Band homepage:
    Pictures: see band homepage
    Album: Explizite Lyrik (1995)
    Laut! (1997)
    Meister der Musik (1998)
    S** s** s** (2000)
    Rosa Armee Fraktion (2002)
    United States of Blöedsinn (2004)
    Head Bang Boing (2007)
    Popular titles: Osama

    J.B.O is a metal band which was founded in 1989. Stylistically the band is allocated to the subgenre of Fun-Metal, which means in general the connection between humorous texts and the rock or metal music.
    In the case of J.B.O there can be differentiated three typical styles. The first is the interpretation of music styles like folk, pop or Schlager music in the style of metal. E.g. the song “Ein bisschen Frieden” in the original from Nicole (1982) was interpreted in this way on the album “Laut!”. Otherwise the reverse direction is possible, too. So the Album “Meister der Musik” includes the Black Sabbath song “Paranoid” which is interpreted by Blümchen in a pop/techno style.
    The second is the account of German and English songs in a parodistic way. So Herbert Grönemeyers song “Männer” is reinterpreted in “Frauen” on the album “Explizite Lyrik” or the Queens hit “We are the champions” is translated into “Wir sind die Champignons” on “Laut!”.
    In the later songs the band relies on own compositions with own messages. The song “United States of Blöedsinn” on the same named album includes the messages that only the fun and nonsense can release the world. Another example is “Ohne mir” which takes up the misleading of the people through the modern medias.

    In this sense: “Let the Blöedsinn take control”
  14. Liv said:


    Name: 2raumwohnung
    Location: Berlin
    Genre: Pop
    Year of foundation: 2000
    Official band homepage:
    Popular Titles: When you're looking the charts, you will find that they sell their albums better than their singles.

    36 Grad (funny video):
    Wir werden sehn (I love this video):

    Inga Humpe is a legend of german pop music since the 80s and this is her latest project.

    Originally, Humpe and Eckart composed a song for a publicity spot for cigarettes: Wir trafen uns in einem Garten Since the song became popular (inexpectedly), they decided to record their first album: Kommt zusammen.
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    Música101 said:


    Name: Lafee
    Location: Germany
    Genre: Alternative rock
    Year of foundation: 2006
    Official band homepage:
    Popular Titles: (if possible give links to samples)
    Jetzt erst recht
    Ring Frie
    scheib Liebe
    Heul Doch

    General information:
    Band Members:
    LaFee (singer)
    Ricky Garcia (guitar)
    Goran Vujic (bass)
    Klaus Hochhäuser (keyboards)
    Tamon Nüssner (drums)

    - Lafee's real name is Christina
    - Born in 1990
    - Half Greek and Half German
    - Participated in Kiddy Contest in 2004

    -Lafee (2005-2006)
    -Jetzt erst recht(2007)
    -Shut Up (English version of Jetzt erst recht)(2008)
    -Ring Frei(2008-present)

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    Steena said:


    All recently mentioned artists have been added Thank you!
    होता है जो होना है ... वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है ...
    कौन कहता है आदमी अपनी किस्मत खुद लिखता है?
  17. Friagabi said:


    JBO are really cool! But outsiders have problems understanding them ... the more you're familiar with German scene, the better you get many hints in their songs
  18. misafir said:


    ich spiel' ma' mit...

    band: Propaganda

    genre: Synthpop/Electronica

    founded: 1982, Düsseldorf, BRD
    on hiatus, last show: 2007

    members (past & present):
    Suzanne Freytag, Michael Mertens
    Claudia Brücken, Ralf Dörper
    Derek Forbes, Brian McGee
    Betsi Miller, Andreas Thein

    -A Secret Wish (1985)
    -Wishful Thinking (remixes 1985)
    -1 2 3 4 (1990)
    -Outside World (compilation 2002)

    a title i like: Duel

    a fan page:

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    Kaulitz_girl_483 said:


    Location: Bremen, Germany
    Genre: Rock
    Year of foundation: 2003
    Official band homepage:
    Popular Titles: Freunde Bleiben
    Generation Rock
    Hat dich an mir fest

    General information:
    They first started gathering public attention with their song "Rock n' Roll", which then led to a Coaching Program in the Pop-Academy Baden-Württemberg. Then in 2004 they were signed by the record label Sony BMG. Their first single called "Generation Rock" was released in June 2005 and directly entered the German Charts. The song is featured on the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Together with the producer Clemens Matznick their first album (Revolverheld) was produced, and came out in September 2005.

    They have released 3 albums already, in my opinion...this guys are amazing, i love all their songs, they are very successful in Germany, the frontman Johannes Strate has recorded a solo album, he has a beautiful and strong voice. I totally recommend this band