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    hi, i like punk, especially patti smith. and nowadays i'm studying bosnian. so, is there any singer or band sings punk in ex-yugo, sounds like patti smith?
    il n'y a pas de futur, quoi qu'on en dise "ça vaut mieux que tous les jours passés"
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    Well I don't know about Patti Smith lol but, what comes to my mind on the subject of ex-yu punk:
    Pekinška patka, KBO, Električni Orgazam, Zabranjeno Pušenje, Ritam Nereda, KUD Idijoti, and of course Psihomodo Pop

    And of course Paket Aranžman.

    It's an old compilation but still...

    I used to listen to those in high school (along with Sex Pistols and The Clash etc) but now I'm more of a Prljavo Kazalište person

    Then there's Tonny Montano, Hladno pivo, and Let 3...