Am so excited to be here!!!!

Thread: Am so excited to be here!!!!

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  1. cher87 said:

    Talking Am so excited to be here!!!!

    Hey guys i am cher and i am kinda new to the site.I love music to bits and i am currently learning to play the violin and its pretty cool!!!!!(now kinda used to it,my hands dont hurt anymore_!!!!!)

    i am hoping to learn from this site,maybe get some notes for some popular songs and also want to help where i can.

  2. Afet's Avatar

    Afet said:


    welcome board dear!

    hope you'll enjoy your time here
    Cuando mueran los astros y queden sólo restos de polvillo cósmico,
    iremos de paseo por esas soledades para enseñarte miamor, lo que es la eternidad. ♡
  3. steffi's Avatar

    steffi said:


    Hello and Welcome
    A friend is somone who knows the song of your heart and can sing it back to you, when you have forgotten the melody...^^
  4. Zahra2008's Avatar

    Zahra2008 said:


    hello Cher:

    welcome to the forum, and I hope you find everything you need here, and also find very good friends...!!

    Greetings from Mexico
    the first love is gone ... am waiting for the last one!!
  5. cher87 said:

    Wink Thanx

    thank you for responding am still tryna find my way around,
    When life gets you down,you have to pick yourself up and hit it with a really big stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Angeliki's Avatar

    Angeliki said:


    Welcome dear
    It is not good for all our wishes to be filled; thru sickness we recognize the value of health; thru evil, the value of good; thru hunger, the value of food; thru exertion, the value of rest.