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  1. Egenglert said:

    Default Romanian Songs - Voltaj (Romanian Lyrics)

    Okay, first, I only speak about five words and a few phrases in Romanian and I know that these lyrics can be very common, but I have yet to find any with the appropriate accents (or letters, whatever they're treated as in Romanian) such as "Ă" I am very obsessive over accents and would like to make sure I'm getting these right. I need the lyrics to the following songs:

    Album: Provestea Oricui
    Toamnă'n 2 (Autumn In 2)
    Prea Scurta (Too Short)
    Acolo (There)
    Eu Cu Mine (Me and Myself)
    Pe Nori (On the Clouds)

    Album: Revelator
    Știu (I Know)
    Aștept De-Un An (I'm waiting from last Year)
    Doar O Dată (Only Once)
    N-Ajunge... (It's Not Enough...)
    De Ce (Why?)
    Īn Blugi Și-N Tricou (In Blue Jeans and a T-Shirt)
    Crede (Believe)

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  2. mpjoe said:


    here are all the lyrics you need of Voltaj!
  3. Egenglert said:


    Haha, thanks! I'm having diacritics added to the ones I already have so this helps a lot!