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    Default I am a new member

    I am Ali from Iraq, a new member in this forum Beautiful

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    Ya hala beek ali, where are you from iraq??

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    اهلا اميرة انا علي من الانبار وانتي من وين؟؟

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    welcome to ATL Ali, hope youwill enjoy your time here
    anytime if you need something ask for it
    Cuando mueran los astros y queden slo restos de polvillo csmico,
    iremos de paseo por esas soledades para ensearte miamor, lo que es la eternidad. ♡

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    Welcome to ATL Ali, enjoy yourself.

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    welcome Ali,i hope you'll like it here
    life is Super good
    (this is bull ****)
    if you seek arabic translation,PM me

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    Hello and Welcome
    A friend is somone who knows the song of your heart and can sing it back to you, when you have forgotten the melody...^^

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