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    Default Rola - Insa

    Rola Saad
    El Fostan El Abyad

    Writer: Mohamed Mwafi
    Composer: Haytham Zayyad
    Arranger: Tony Saba

    لو مقدرتش تملا حياتي وتخليني احس بزاتي
    If you weren't able to fulfill my life with love and make me feel my existence
    بتعب قوي واشتاق لساعاتي بحضنك لو مهما غبت
    I get tired and miss being with you while you are away
    لو مقدرتش تفهم اني اني بحبك اكتر مني
    If you weren't able to understand that i love you more than myself
    بس محتاجة يطمني قلبك وماكنش خفت
    But I need you to make me feel safe and not scared

    انسى ارجعلك تاني انسى لو تترجاني
    Forget that i comeback to you again, even if you beg me
    انسى تدوق يوم حناني فهمت قصدي والا لسه
    Forget about my care, Did you understand what i mean? or not yet?

    خايفة لا تخسر حبي الكبير ليك
    i am scared that you lose my big love
    وانت اللي تقدر تحببني اكتر فيك
    while you are able to make me love you even more

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    cute song!
    Ya reitni 2amle b sha3rak, kel lama ashta2lak atsa7sel w ashoufak ♥

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    very nice:|

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