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    Question classical music song always played before a storm

    i need to know the name of a popular classical music song. all sorts of TV shows/cartoons use the music as background music to portray a storm happening or about to happen. i think it probably has many movements, but it's the one that starts out really light & slow with only a few strings and flutes before the horns come crashing in later. i'm thinking Beethoven but im not positive. help.

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    possibly carmina burana by Carl Orff?

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    no, i know that song, and it's not that...but very similar. sounds a little more 18th century than that.

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    Is'nt that the song that plays in the old Fantasia (i think) or some old disney cartoon where an orchestra is playing and they get sucked up into the tornado still playing???

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    Beethoven's 6th, Mvt. IV
    aka the Pastoral Symphony, the movement titled "4 Gewitter. Sturm: Allegro"

    Wikipedia entry

    audio by Amazon

    Also search for DUDUDUDRDDUDUDU in the contour search at Musipedia; it's the first hit.

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