Lyrics for the album Two by すだち(仮)

Thread: Lyrics for the album Two by すだち(仮)

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  1. Egenglert said:

    Default Lyrics for the album Two by すだち(仮)

    Hi, I need the lyrics in Japanese script for the following songs from the album "Two" by すだち(仮):







  2. Karakuri said:


    You know, a great way to find Japanese lyrics is to search in Japanese the artist, song title and 歌詞 (lyrics), often 2ch threads show up with exactly what you want. I've gotten lyrics for even obscure songs just by doing a search.

    You can also add the keyword スレ (thread), which should filter in those 2ch threads a bit more. Don't ask me why, for some reason Japanese like to pick that place to dump their lyrics. Hope that helps.
  3. Egenglert said:


    I tried just about every website I could find doing what you recommended and didn't find a thing, I will continue to try though, but if someone could find them and post them here, I would appreciate it greatly.